• Published:
    1 August 2016
  • ISBN:
  • Imprint:
    Random House Australia Children's
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  • Shortlisted WA Young Readers Book Awards

  • 2017 CBCA Notable Book

  • Film rights optioned by NZ production company


Izzy and Ray are fourteen year old twins. Their mother is from a shark calling family (New Ireland Province of Papua New Guinea) and their father comes from a Broome pearl diving family.

In the opening scene, Izzy learns that Ray has died in a freak accident on the south coast. Izzy and her mother take Ray’s ashes back to PNG for traditional death ceremonies. After they arrive Izzy realises things have changed since their last visit.

Environmental issues threaten the community’s way of life and sharks no longer answer the song of the shark callers. Izzy’s cousin explains that the clan needs someone to undertake an ancient diving ritual. The person must be a twin from the shark calling lineage. Izzy is the last twin…

The Shark Caller is optioned for film development with a NZ production company.


“The Shark Caller is imaginative and fantastical and full of drama. Phrases of Tok Pisin (a creole language of PNG) are scattered throughout, giving the reader a sense of immersion in the culture and traditions of the island. A glossary is included to help with interpretation. Recommended for middle-school students..” – JANE SMITH, MAGPIES

“… this marvellous book has opened my eyes to a completely new culture and spirituality. The writing is evocative and transformative – for the duration I was in the Islander culture.” – SUE WARREN, JUST SO STORIES

“This is the best book for the 10-12 ish age group that I have read this year. Highly commended for adults too. And it’s a pleasure to savour the language.” – HAZEL EDWARDS OAM, GOODREADS