• Published:
    2 July 2018
  • ISBN:
  • Imprint:
    Random House Australia Children's
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  • Winner The Speech Pathology Book of the Year Award 8-10s

  • Shortlisted NWS Premier’s Award for Children’s Literature

  • 2019 CBCA Notable Book


A tiny dog, the runt of the litter, is born on a remote cattle station. She shouldn’t have survived, but when Elsie finds, names and loves her, the pup becomes a cherished companion. Life is perfect … until War arrives.

With Japanese air raids moving closer, Elsie’s family leaves the Pilbara for the south and safety. But the small dog has to stay behind. After travelling far from home with drovers and a flying doctor, she becomes a hospital dog and experiences the impact of war on north-western Australia. She witnesses wonderful and terrible things and gives courage to many different humans.

But through all her adventures and many names, the little dog remembers Elsie,  girl who loved her best of all. Will she ever find her again?


“What Dianne Wolfer has done in this new book, with aplomb and sensitivity, is to set the story of a loved dog against the little-known details of events in the Second World War in Western Australia. … A moving and educative book. Highly recommended.” – READING TIME

“If you enjoy reading Historical Fiction then this is a perfect book especially if you are a dog lover. There were many aspects of the impact of World War II on Australia that I did not know about. Luckily this book does contain a timeline and set of facts on the final pages.” – MOMO CELEBRATING TIME TO READ

“Dianne Wolfer has a knack for delivering historical fiction in a form which is at once palatable, well researched, and engaging, doesn’t disappoint with this warm-hearted, loveable book.” – AUSSIE REVIEWS